Condo Owners
I forgot my username.  How do I retrieve my login information?

Click on the Forgot username? link under the fields where you sign in.  Please enter your email address and follow the directions on the screen. Your username will be sent to the email address associated with your account.  If you don’t remember the information requested  or if you can’t remember the email address associated with your account, please contact NWP's STAR (Service to Assist Residents) team by calling 800.845.6767 or email residentservices@nwpsc.com for assistance.

I forgot my password. How do I reset my password?

Click on the Forgot password? link under the fields where you sign in.  Please enter your username and follow the directions on the screen. A temporary password will be generated and sent to the email address associated with your account. If you don’t remember the information requested or if you can’t remember the username associated with your account, please contact NWP's STAR (Service to Assist Residents) team by calling 800.845.6767 or email residentservices@nwpsc.com for assistance.

How do I set up access to an online account with NWP?

Please use the following steps to register your account online with NWP. 

  1. On the resident sign in page, please choose the blue Set up online access button.
  2. Please enter your NWP account number as seen on your bill.  Please use full number when entering your Account # format. (ex. 123456789-001)
  3. Enter your first name and last name exactly as seen on the bill.  (NOTE:  if you are a roommate or parent and your name is not listed on the bill, please follow the directions as listed under “How do I access the NWP account if I am a roommate, parent or legally responsible third party?”)
  4. Choose Next
  5. Complete the online registration process.
How do I access the NWP account if I am a roomate, parent or legally responsible third party?

In order to log into an NWP account, your name must be listed in NWP's database. This can be accomplished by having the property management staff at your community add you to their system or by having the Primary Account Holder grant you access using NWP's website. The primary account holder may access the standard registration page to create an NWP website login by clicking on the link below.


If you are unsure if your name is already associated with this account or logging in didn't work, you may:

  • Have the Primary Account Holder log into their NWP account online to determine if your name is listed in the Roommate, Parent or Legally Responsible section on the Update My Info page.
  • Ensure the name you are using exactly matches the name in this section. Primary Account Holders can edit names if one is not correct in our system on the Update My Info page.
  • You may ask your Property Manager if your name is on this account. If the Property Manager adds you to the NWP account, it often takes until the next billing cycle for your name to be listed on the account and login access to be granted.
  • If you reside at a Student Housing or Senior's Housing Community, you may request the Primary Account Holder to add you as a parent or legally responsible third party from within this website immediately via the Update My Info page. Once added to the NWP account, complete the online registration process to create your own website login.
What are my payment options?

Please review your statement. If you receive a postcard statement or rent billing statement with additional charges from NWP please consult with your community manager about which payment options they accept.

If you receive an invoice statement and payment coupon included with your statement it will instruct you where to remit your payment. When paying by mail or setting up payment directly from your bank account through your bank, checks and money orders should be mailed to the remittance address indicated on your bill. If your remittance address is to NWP, you may sign up for Online Account Access to make an online check payment using Resident ePay for NO ADDITIONAL FEE or a credit card payment with MasterCard, Visa or your Debit Card if it has a VISA/Mastercard logo for a $3.50 convenience fee. You may also make a credit card payment through NWP's automated phone system by calling 800.845.6767; there is a $3.50 convenience fee for this service. Please note for the security of your personal information, NWP does not accept payments of any kind to be made with a live agent.

How do I set up my NWP profile to pay online using my checking account?

Please use the following steps to set up your bank account through Resident ePay to make online payments on your account for no additional charge.

  1. Log in to your NWP account. (Please note, if you are trying to pay your rent and other charges to your property directly, you will need to go to your property's designated website to login and make the payment).
  2. Choose the Pay by checking account link to be directed to the Resident ePay home page.
  3. Click on enroll to set up a Resident ePay account.
  4. Choose a Sign-in ID, Password and Security Question. Select Continue.
  5. Enter Address information, email and phone number. Choose Continue.
  6. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions. To accept, choose the I Agree button.
  7. The enrollment confirmation message will display. Choose Continue.
  8. Enter your bank account Information using the Routing Transit Number (RTN) and Account Number. If you are unsure which number to use for each field, it is best to ask your bank directly as these may vary from bank to bank.
  9. Enter a name which will identify this account. Choose Save. If the RTN is valid, you will be allowed to proceed and enter your NWP account number.
  10. Enter your NWP account number. Choose Continue. If the next screen allows you to see account details, you have successfully enrolled in Resident ePay and may begin to schedule a payment for your account.
How do I know if my payment has processed or is scheduled to be processed?

If you have scheduled your payment to be paid by online check using Resident ePay, you can log into your Resident ePay account and choose the Payment Activity link in the menu bar.  The payments will appear by date and will show the current status.  You may view information for scheduled payments for up to one year in the future.

My payment was returned with an R03 error. What does that mean?

If your payment was returned and the reason was noted as an R03, this means that the Resident ePay system was unable to locate the account. The account number "fits" the banks account number syntax but can't be located. Usually, this is due to a user mistyping the correct bank account number.  To correct your bank account information, you will need to login to your Resident ePay account and do the following.

  1. Choose the My Profile link on the Payments Page
  2. Choose Payment Accounts Link
  3. Choose Add Bank Account
  4. Add correct Bank account information and choose Save to save this as a new account.
  5. Set this new account as your “default” account under Payment Accounts.
  6. Delete the incorrect account information from your profile.
How do I set up an Automatic Payment from my checking account?

Automatic payments are available through Resident ePay.  Log in to your NWP account, then your Resident ePay account.  Choose to Set Up AutoPay link in the main menu bar and enter the requested information. 

  1. Click the Autopay icon or choose the Autopay link in the menu bar to access setup for Autopay.
  2. Select Set Up Autopay
  3. Select Autopay choice, payment account and when you would like your final payment to occur.  Choose Save.
  4. An Autopay may be edited or deleted at any time.
How do I check the balance on my account?

The quickest and easiest way to check your balance is to set up online access to your account. 

Who is NWP Services Corporation (NWP)?

NWP is a utility and rent billing provider who is contracted by your community to present utility and/or rent and other charges to residents.  These charges will vary depending on the community.  Charges are typically for utility usage including services such as water, electricity, sewer, trash and more.

Why am I being billed?

According to your lease agreement, the owner of your community has chosen to have residents pay for individual utilities usage and as a result, this keeps costs down and promotes conservation.

How often will I be billed?

Bills are typically generated on a monthly basis. Please contact NWP's Resident Services Team by calling 800.845.6767 or emailing residentservices@nwpsc.com for more information on your specific billing cycle.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my utility bill sent by NWP?

Please contact NWP's Resident Services Team by calling 800.845.6767 or emailing residentservices@nwpsc.com for more information.

How does NWP calculate my bill if there is not an individual meter in place?

Ratio Utility Billing (RUBS) is a billing allocation method used when a community does not have meters installed in individual units. Utility consumption is calculated using a formula to determine each resident's utility bills. The formula is usually based on information about your community, residents and utility usage and or other criteria, such as square footage, number of occupants, number of water fixtures in the unit, etc.

What is a "New Account Fee"?

A new account fee, as allowed by law, is a one-time charge to the resident for establishing their account. The new account fee is typically included with each resident's first monthly bill.

What is the "Service Fee" on my monthly statement?

The monthly service fee included on your billing statement is a fee that covers the cost of maintaining and servicing your account.

What are "Late Fees"?

A late fee, as allowed by law, will be charged to your account if payment is not received by the due date noted on your statement. For accurate and timely posting to your account, please use the payment coupon and remittance envelope enclosed with your statement.

Are there returned check fees?

Returned check fees follow different rules and regulations relative to the state in which you reside. The most common bank NSF charge is $25.00. However, your charge may be more.

I want to close my NWP account. How can I do that?

NWP requires your property manager to authorize all account closures. If you need to have your account closed because you are moving out of your community, please contact your property office and they will process this request with NWP.

How soon after I move-in will I receive my bill?

Utilities are typically billed one month behind since our billing cycle follows that of the local utility provider. For example, a billing statement mailed to a resident in June normally reflects usage for the previous month of May. When NWP 1st begins billing, you can expect for NWP to bill between 1-2 months in arrears. For example, if NWP begins billing your property in August, your community may not receive their first actual bill until October - due to the set up time needed and the transfer of utility billing information from the utility provider to NWP.

What usage cycle will I be billed for?

The usage cycle for billing varies for each community and is based upon the local provider's normal billing cycle. Billing statements are normally generated on a monthly basis; however, there are instances where billing occurs every two months. Please contact NWP's Resident Services team by calling 800.845.6767 or emailing residentservices@nwpsc.com for more information on your specific billing cycle.

Are there ways to reduce my usage?
Yes, NWP provides tips for reducing usage on our conservation page.
How are individual meters read?

If you have a meter in your unit and are set up to be billed based on your actual meter reads, in most cases, NWP captures data from individual meters through a wireless meter reading network. This data is transmitted from a computer chip within the meter and is transferred to a host system via telephone modem or electronically via internet. Daily meter readings are captured and retained by NWP as a record of resident consumption.

Why is my water bill higher than last month?

This may be due to several factors, such as increased usage (i.e. more showers, baths, etc.). The bill period may be longer than the previous month, or it is possible that you may have a leak. If the increase is significant, we suggest you request your community's maintenance staff to check your home for a possible leak.

Who do I inform about my Move-in or Move-out?

Please notify your community manager. They are responsible for opening and closing your NWP account. The community staff will advise NWP of your moving dates and we will open or close your account accordingly.

How far in advance should NWP be made aware of my move-out?

Notifying your community management staff of your intent to vacate is sufficient notice for NWP. Your final NWP payment will be collected by the community staff.

How do I make a payment by phone?

First thing’s first! Your billing statement is filled with helpful information so, please review it so you can find out exactly where, how and who to pay your bill to.

  • If your bill includes a payment stub to remit your payment directly to NWP, you may use our automated phone system by calling 1-800-845-6767.
  • Once you arrive at our main menu, press 1 to check your balance or make a payment to your account by following the prompts
  • If your bill is a postcard or the payment stub asks you to remit your payment directly to your community, please review the Customer Information or Information Center portion of your bill for further directions
Who should I speak with about the charges on my bill?

NWP will be more than happy to assist with any utility billing charges, such as water, sewer, trash, gas, and service fees you may have.  Additionally, you may see charges such as rent, pet fees, garage fees, etc. on your NWP bill.  These charges are provided to NWP by your community to be placed on the bill for your convenience. Any concerns regarding these particular charges will need to be addressed with your property management office.

I want to speak with a live agent during business hours without automated assistance. What do I do?

You may press 0 at any time during business hours to reach a live agent, after the initial notification that your call may be recorded or monitored.  We have built our automated phone system to provide questions and services where assistance from a live agent is not necessary. Our Resident Services team is available from 5:00 am to 7:00 pm PST, Monday through Friday and 7:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturdays. NWP is closed on Sundays. We believe it is very important you have the assistance you need on or off our normal hours of operations.

Why does my bill date change from month to month?

NWP recognizes that a timely, consistent billing schedule is important to you. For that reason, your community bills on a set bill cycle day each month. This day is determined by business days, not calendar days. For that reason, the bill date will vary slightly from month to month, but only by a few days, depending on the bill cycle day for your community.